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The Essential ScrubLove Bottle

The Essential ScrubLove Bottle

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Introducing ScrubLove's Multi Surface Cleaner – the ultimate solution for a spotless and eco-friendly home. This innovative cleaning product comes with a reusable bottle and cleaning tablets that dissolve in water to create the perfect cleaning strength for your needs. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and single-use plastic waste – our Multi Surface Cleaner is made with natural and biodegradable ingredients and comes in eco-friendly packaging.

The Multi Surface Cleaner is versatile and effective, designed to work on a wide range of surfaces including countertops, floors, appliances, and more. The cleaning tablets are available in a variety of refreshing scents, including lavender, citrus, and eucalyptus, to leave your home smelling clean and fresh.

To use, simply fill the reusable bottle with water and drop in one of our cleaning tablets. The tablet will dissolve quickly to create a powerful cleaning solution that is safe for you and the environment. Our cleaning tablets are designed to eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles and packaging, making our Multi Surface Cleaner a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for your cleaning needs.

ScrubLove's Multi Surface Cleaner is the perfect solution for those who want a clean and healthy home without compromising on the environment. Join us in our mission to create a cleaner and greener world, one cleaning tablet at a time.

What's In Your Kit?

Each kit comes with:

1 free cleaning bottle ( $29 value)

☑ Eco-Concentrate Refills (2-3 months cleaning)

☑ Money back gaurentee

☑ 1 tablet = 1 single-use plastic bottle saved

☑ Express shipping

How does it work?

☑ Eliminate plastic waste in 3 easy steps ♻️♻️: 

1.  Fill the spray bottle with desired amount of warm water

2.  Drop in the ScrubLove cleaning tablet

3.  Clean your home!

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